Our story

One day, the Internet will run entirely on renewable energy. The Green Web Foundation develops tools and published open datasets to speed up that transition.

A short history

In 2006, we started working with a small team on a project to visualize the kind of energy that powers the Internet: green for renewables, grey for anything else. We started with a database of technical parameters of green hosters, and a Green Web Check. This resulted in a system against which any website could be checked on greenness.

The next step was the development of the Green Web Apps, which were released at the end of 2010. These apps show the “greenness” of websites in your own browser, every time you visit a website or search the Internet. Internet users have performed close to two billion checks with the Green Web Apps up to now, monitoring the emergence of The Green Web.

In 2020, The Green Web Foundation is a recognized not-for-profit organisation registered in the Netherlands, that is run by a small group of dedicated volunteers located in Germany and The Netherlands.

The Green Web Foundation now

In 2022, we are made up of a small executive and core team. You can find out more on our team page.