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Andreea Belu

Mapping techno-solutionist narratives in the context of climate emergency

Introducing Andreea

Andreea is a digital rights activist, leading Campaigns & Comms at Europe’s largest network of digital rights organisations – EDRi. She looks into the way values are embedded in the narratives around digitalisation, and the ways these values morph in time. Currently, Andreea is focused on catalysing resistance from digital and environmental justice movements against the securitisation narratives behind the twin transition.

Andreea Belu, Green Web Foundation Fellow 2024
Andreea Belu, Green Web Foundation Fellow 2024

Fellowship Project 

Taking as inspiration the narrative mapping done around climate denial by Lamb et al., my project aims to map the main, common techno-solutionist narratives across EU and Latin America in the context of climate emergency. My research will be informed by literature reviews and practitioners’ interviews and result in an analysis of these narratives, as well as strategic recommendations on counter-narratives. The findings will be presented via blogposts, podcast episodes and an illustration.

Andreea’s Fellowship Notebook