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We get quite a few questions about greening the internet. If you have a question you don’t see answered here, try using the search bar below. If that still doesn’t resolve your issue, please get in touch with using this handy support form.

Common questions and their answers

Why does my website show up as grey in the Green Web Checker?

Can I change the Green Web Badge to fit my website?

How do I add my organisation to the Green Web Directory?

I run a hosting company and I’m not sure what you ask for to show that I’m green. What do I need?

We make smart use of existing heat with our datacenter, does this make us green?

When do I need to update my listing in the Green Web Directory and how do I do that?

How do I become a Partner of The Green Web Foundation?

What are the Green Web datasets and how do I use them?

Where can I find a sustainable web developer/designer for my site?

I have a question and I can’t see the answer here

You’ll get answer fastest by asking via the support form.

Asking there sends a message to our support team, who will get back to you via email, usually within 2 days.

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