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Our services are designed to support organisations at any stage of their digital sustainability journey.

Whether you’re just starting to learn about the concepts or looking to transform more deeply, Green Web Foundation is your trusted partner. Our mission as a non-profit is to leverage the power of open-source code and data to help others make impactful responses to the climate crisis and achieve a fossil-free internet by 2030.

Stage 1: Awareness building

For those new to digital sustainability who want to understand the concepts and issues before starting.

Stage 2: Scoping digital sustainability

For those already aware of the issues and want their organisation to begin taking positive action now.

Stage 3: Making transformative changes

For those already practicing digital sustainability and looking for a trusted partner to deepen their own actions.

Stage 1: awareness building

Coaching for leaders

Get to grips with the most impactful responses you can spearhead

We offer bespoke 1:1 coaching for senior leaders interested in exploring how to direct resources and energy to digital sustainability. Sessions are typically online.


Inspire and educate about approaches to digital sustainability

Our experienced speaking team are available for talks, Q&A sessions or panel discussions on the topic of digital sustainability. We can join your event remotely or in person.


Build awareness about how digital impacts the climate crisis

We can deliver half day, full day or bespoke training sessions for groups. Using experienced trainers, engaging content and uplifting case studies, we introduce your group to digital sustainability and how they can take action today. Sessions in person or online.

STAGE 2: Scoping digital sustainability

Technical expertise

Guidance on how to add environmental indicators to digital products

We offer consultancy or hands-on help to technical teams looking to surface environmental indicators such as carbon emissions, water use or other social factors into digital products. Our previous case studies demonstrate how this works in practice.

STAGE 3: Making transformative changes

Delivery partnerships

Practical hands-on help to drive forward strategic change

We offer trusted and experienced extra hands to work with you to deliver real impact on digital sustainability in your field. We typically favour engagements with a strong open-source ethos.

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