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Luã Cruz

Investigating socio-environmental justice aspects of connectivity policies in the Amazon

Introducing Luã

Born and raised in Manaus, the capital of the state of Amazonas in Brazil, Luã Cruz is a researcher and digital rights policy analyst. With a background in law and ongoing master’s studies in Science Communications, Luã is currently dedicated to exploring the intersections of meaningful connectivity and socio-environmental issues.

Luã Cruz, Green Web Foundation Fellow 2024

Fellowship Project 

The research project, to be undertaken during the fellowship, will focus on analyzing the complexities of internet connectivity policies in Brazil and their implications for agribusiness, illegal mining, and several other socio-environmental challenges. By investigating civil society efforts to bring internet access to remote communities and examining the use of the internet in the Amazon, the study will aim to shed light on the socio-environmental justice aspects of connectivity policies. Through a qualitative approach involving document analysis and interviews, the project will seek to contribute to more effective and inclusive public policies.

Luã’s Fellowship Notebook