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The internet is the world’s largest coal-powered machine Support the transition to a fossil-free internet

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Your contribution will help accelerate the transition to a fossil-free internet.

Every donation goes towards:

  • Improving the world’s largest open dataset of websites that run on green energy
  • Creating open source tools for you to manage the environmental impact of digital services
  • Supporting movement leaders and policymakers to advocate for a sustainable and just internet

How to Contribute

As An Organisation

Support a fossil-free internet with a one-off or recurring financial contribution.

As a Grantmaker

Help sustain this work as an open source project in service to the public’s interest.

As an Individual

Your financial contribution—no matter the amount—makes a difference

See who supports our mission

AS An organisation

Do you want to reduce your organisation’s environmental impact? Do you want your digital services to be fossil-free?

Show your support and help keep this work freely available and state-of-the-art.

Your organisation’s contribution makes possible:


Your organisation can donate starting at €500/year. These can be one-off or annual donations. Annual contributions are most impactful.

If you provide services listed in our Green Web Directory, we encourage you to first become a verified provider. All contributing organisations are listed on our website.

Fossil fuel companies cannot make a donation.

As A GrantMaker

We have a successful history of working in partnership with philanthropic grant funders. If you are keen to explore how our work aligns with your goals please get in touch. Your message will be picked up by Michelle Thorne, our Director of Strategy and Partnerships.

Previous grant funders are listed on our who supports our mission page.

As AN Individual

Your personal contribution goes a long way to sustaining this work. Thank you. You can make a donation via our Open Collective account, which accepts most forms of online payments.