Result of the green web check — is not hosted green!

Website hosted grey

Show the world this website is not green.

Unfortunately, this website is hosted grey or we are not sure about the greenness of the hoster.

For the check to work, (technical) information about green hosters worldwide is needed. This information is stored in our Green Web database.

Do you believe this information is incorrect? Login to our database.

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This website is hosted grey - checked by
<img src="" alt="This website is hosted Green - checked by">
Maybe you want to share this result with the hosting company? This creates leverage for your call to become green!

Do you want to perform another green check?

Do you want to check your search results instantly? We invented a clever app just for that.

The Green Web app does not only show you if a site your are visiting is hosted green, but works as well when you perform a search with Google, Bing or Yahoo. All results are labeled real-time on your screen, so you even know before visiting a site if it is hosted green! This holds true as well for links to green sites on webpages that you visit, which will be underlined subtly by a thin green dashed line.
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