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How does the Green Web Check work?

The Green Web Check is a tool that allows you to find out whether a specific website is being hosted by a verified green provider or not.

It works by looking up the domain for a website, like, which it then converts to a publicly accessible IP address, like

When providers become verified with us they’re listed in our Green Web Dataset. Along side capturing the evidence they submit to prove their green claims, we maintain a list of all the IP addresses assigned to them. This takes the form of a set of IP ranges that would contain the address listed above.

Showing a green result

When we find a match for an IP address and we can link it to supporting evidence of the provider taking steps to avoid, reduce or offset the emissions caused by the digital infrastructure, we show a result as green.

Showing a grey result

When an organisation uses public IP addresses that we cannot link to supporting evidence of accounting for the emissions from the underling infrastructure, we show a result as grey.