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Our rebranded Green Web Badges

Green Web Badge refresh text with sample "green hosting" badge at top of image

Around the beginning of 2023, we created a fresh new brand for Green Web Foundation with help from our friends at Ellery Studio and funding from Subak. Since then we’ve been applying our new look to all our presences. This WordPress website was rebranded in July 2023. In January we updated our Green Web Directory, and next inline for a makeover are our Green Web Badges.

What are the Green Web Badges?

For as long as the Green Web Foundation has existed we’ve offered a free service that allows you to check if a website is running on green energy. You can manually test any URL using our Green Web Check service. You can also run automated checks using our Greencheck API.

When you manually run a Green Check and get a green hosting result, our platform creates a personalised image showing the URL tested and hosting organisation. This image is what we call the Green Web Badge.

Green Web Check result for a site running on green hosting
Screenshot of a successful green web check for our own website.

The new badges

Here’s a now and then comparison of the Green Web Badges that get produced for own website, to illustrate the difference.

This website runs on green hosting - verified by
The new, freshened badge
This website is hosted Green - checked by
The old style “smiley” Green Web Badge

Why the badges matter

We know that many of you care deeply about whether your website runs on infrastructure supplied by a verified green hosted provider and you want to tell people about it. We’re glad that you do. Displaying this badge on your website is a great way to show your support for the transition to a fossil-free internet.

Let’s remember that it’s estimated that data centers alone are responsible for approx 2% of the world’s electricity demand and that’s predicted to sky-rocket. Ensuring your website or digital service is hosted by data centers using clean electricity is a way to reduce the carbon emissions associated with it. Plus switching to a verified green hosting provider supports those providers that are doing the right thing and contributing to a greener, low carbon intensity electricity grid for everyone. You can read our take on why green hosting matters for more detail.

How can I use the new badge?

Our Green Web Check results page has been updated, and now automatically generates a newly rebranded badge for any website returning a successful green check.

So the easiest way to get a new badge or replacement code is to retest your site now.

I have a Green Web Badge on my site already. Will it change automatically?

No. We have kept the old badge design online, and it will still appear as is on any website that is using it.

If you want to update an existing badge to the new design, the easiest way to do so is to run a green check using the link above, and replace the code for the old badge on your web page with the new HTML code that is presented on the results page.

Further changes down the road

Whilst we are proud of the progress we’ve made with our Green Web Badge’s refreshed brand, we know there is still room for improvement. Notably we want to offer image formats other than .pngs, to reduce the load size further, and improve the usefulness of what the badge says.

We believe a route forward for doing that is to create a Green Web Badge web component. We have detailed our plans and needs for this feature in our GitHub repo. Donations of money or skill are greatly received, and will help us get there faster. Do reach out if you can help.