Partner up

Partner up with The Green Web Foundation! We welcome hosting companies, data centers, registries and other web-organisations to become our Partner. Show that you are taking part in the transition towards a greener Internet today.

The Partnership programme

Do your Internet operations verifiably run on renewable energy and do you endorse the goals of The Green Web Foundation? Choose below between the following three types of partnership.

Partner Green WebThis partnership is free. Just make sure you run 100% on renewables and display proof of your sustainable policies prominently on your website. Once the Partner-logo is visible on your website with a link back to The Green Web Foundation, we will activate your partnership in our directory.

Green Web Development PartnerFor Partners who want to show their engagement with The Green Web a little more. Can you donate technical support or server facilities to support The Green Web Foundation’s operations? Great! You are Development Partner material. Please contact us.

Certified Gold Partners are the best on the market!  We know that for a fact, because we’ve checked the paper trail of their green credentials back to the source. Certified Gold Partners support the efforts of The Green Web Foundation with a donation, dependent on the size of the organization (starting at € 1.000,- per year).

How to

Send us an email and tell us which partnership you would prefer. We will check your organization’s sustainability credentials and let you know whether you meet the conditions to become either a Regular, Development or Certified Gold Partner. For organizations that are not there yet but are interested to get to this stage, we provide help as well.

Partner privileges

On becoming our Partner, your organisation will be listed first for your country in The Green Hosting Directory. This directory already is a valuable source of information for prospects worldwide looking for green Internet services.

Furthermore, by pasting the Partnership Logo on your website and distributing the accompanying Green Web Badge to your customers, it becomes really easy to make your sustainable efforts visible to a potentially worldwide audience. We can advise you on how to make the most of your partnership!

National Registries partnership

The Green Web Foundation also welcomes National Registries to become our Partner. Registries distribute country code domains, such as .ca, or .fi. The Green Web Foundation cooperates with National Registries to contact all their registrars – which are often the larger hosters – about their energy consumption and efficiency. In turn, the data collected by the Green Web Apps helps Registries to assess the development of the sustainability of their country code domain. Send us an email if you are interested!