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What is a verified green hosting provider?

Verified green hosting providers are organisations that can demonstrate they are taking steps to avoid, reduce or offset the greenhouse gas emissions caused by using electricity to provide their services. They provide evidence to us to show that they do this on a yearly basis, or better. Read more about the evidence we require.

What is the Green Web Dataset?

The Green Web Dataset is a list of all the website domains running on green energy in our system along with which verified green hosting provider is hosting them. What are the Green Web datasets and how do I use them?

Why should green hosting providers become listed in the Green Web Dataset?

Every day, across the globe, around seven million checks are made against the Green Web Dataset by people wanting to answer the question “is this website is hosted green?“.

Hosting providers that can show their customers that an independent body, such as ourselves, have verified their claims of using infrastructure powered by renewable energy is a valuable asset. Why green web hosting matters.

Once included in the Dataset, verified hosting providers and their customers, can display a digital badge on their websites to show their successful verification and commitment to a greener web.

How does an organisation become a verified green hosting provider?

A verification request form is submitted, free of charge, by hosting providers who wish to engage in the process of demonstrating their infrastructure is running on green energy.

Hosting providers must provide evidence to demonstrate what steps they are taking to avoid, reduce or offset the emissions caused by the digital infrastructure they use. Once we approve the verification request form, hosting providers become verified and are included in our Green Web Dataset free of charge. Read more about the verification process.

Ready to get verified?

Are you a hosting provider ready to become included in the Green Web Dataset?