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Learning in the open

This post is part of the Green Web Fellowship. Fellows are exploring the intersection of digital rights and climate justice; and are reflecting honestly on what they learn. More about the fellowship and the fellows.

Sharing methods, Working with material(s)

An interview with Camila Nobrega, one of our Green Web Fellows 2023.

Katrin: Camila, how has your fellowship experience been so far? 

Camila: It’s been very good. It’s very nice to have the chance to focus on one project. Of course, I’m doing other things as well – but to have a specific project and to have the resources for it is very meaningful. I am working on feminist architectures of investigations on megaprojects, so I also find the exchange with the other fellows very interesting. I receive feedback and can accompany other people’s steps, it’s very nice. 

Katrin: Looking back at your fellowship journey so far, now that we passed the mid-point presentations, have there been any specific shifts in thinking? 

Camila: Definitely. A big part of my learning process has been to narrow things down, rather than opening them up. The mid-point presentation made me realise that I had already collected a lot of notes and feedback – and that now is the time to systematise these findings and to give them the value they deserve. When I applied for the fellowship, I had already done a lot of research with Beyond the Green. I see the fellowship as a chance to name and to share methods, and to work with the material I have collected. 

Katrin: If you would recommend this fellowship to someone else, who would you recommend it to?

Camila: There is still a gap of people with a long trajectory of social-environmental justice debates inside the circles of discussion on digital rights, so I would totally recommend the fellowship for people with this profile. I think having a background on climate justice or the colonial relations between land rights and environmental rights is very exciting. It would be interesting to have more of these people apply for the next cohort – whether they come from academia or activism. Rather than individuals, I would also recommend this fellowship to people who are embedded in communities, because this allows for an even bigger impact.

Katrin: Thank you so much, Camila.

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