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Starting a funding garden

At the Green Web Foundation, we’re funded by a combination of supporters through out partnership program, and grant funding for specific projects.

These kind of grant funding has paid for us to open source the platform and the datasets from the green web foundation, build a degree of environmental intelligence into existing tools, and pay for some of our staff to work.

We’re looking for more funding opportunities like this,

If you’ve ever written a funding application, the question of what does a successful funding application look like? will be close to your mind. There’s also often a lot of work

Well, it’s been close to ours as we work on them, at least/

So, if we’ve been working open previously, how can we make our search for a way to keep the lights on open too?

Enter the funding garden

We’re trying something new in the coming months. Funding applications seem to work best if they’re given time to grow and mature, so we’ve set up a what we’re referring to as a funding garden, where we’ll list the funding applications we’ve seen, and are applying for, and why we think what we do is a good fit for them.

We’re sharing this for a few reasons, but we think it will help with:

  • getting more feedback, more quickly – we want to be able to make it easy to get feedback from potential funders or collaborators.
  • help us find collaborators – we’re a tiny org, with tiny resources. We need to partner up to have impact, and we think doing this makes it easier to make joint applications, or support fellow travellers with similar goals.
  • help tell our story – we often need to tell a version of our story and explain our theory of change in each application. We think making the way we talk about these publicly visible will help us tighten it up.
  • discovering new opportunities – finally we often rely on the help of volunteers. Sharing how we work and where we are looking might help us discover opportunities we didn’t know about, and if we’re not a good fit one, help others on a similar journey find something for them.

Of course, this might not work either. We won’t know if we don’t try though.

The funding garden is now visible on our website. Go take a look.

Like many new gardens, it’s not much to start with, but we hope it’ll grow over time into something good.

If you’re up working with us, or fancy helping tend to the garden, do please drop us a line at [email protected].