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We have done a few talks at FOSDEM over the years.

FOSDEM 2023 – Getting to a fossil free internet by 2030

Over the last few years, the idea of a carbon aware, fossil free internet by 2030, has become more than just interesting idea, and instead something that is socially and economically plausible, as well as desirable and inline with the latest climate science.

In this talk we’ll cover some of the key drivers to make this possible, and what key policy changes can accelerate our transition from fossil fuels in the technology sector.

Download the slides as a PDF

FOSDEM 2023 – Responsible Clouds and the Green Web Triangle

In this short talk, we’ll present a way to see the discourse around digital sovereignty through a climate lens – understanding how the concepts that support having a vibrant diverse set of cloud providers can result in a healthy ecosystem climate wise , and also in terms of values alignment too.

We’ll introduce a useful model, known as the Green Web Triangle, for talking about the trade-offs we currently make when choosing digital services that can help technologists have productive conversations with budget holders and policy makers.

Download the slides as a PDF

FOSDEM 2021 – Building a greener web

Download this PDF slide deck with notes (~ 10mb) | Download the video of this this talk (~25 mins, ~40mb) | Link to the original google slides deck | Visit the synchronised video transcript using Descript