One day the Internet will run entirely on renewable energy. The Green Web Foundation believes that day should be within reach, and develops tools to speed up the transition towards a green Internet.

If you share this vision, here’s how you can help.

  1. Install the Green Web app in your browser to see at a glance whether a site, search-result or link is green hosted
  2. If you come upon (or are) a green host that is not recognised yet, please add it here – it is free!
  3. If a hosting company you use runs on non-sustainable energy, or you know a host that still runs on fossil energy, ask them to go green – you will be surprised to see how fast they can act, when their clients ask them to…

The Green Web Foundation is a small international grassroots-organization that is mainly dependent on volunteers.

Greetings from the team: Arend-Jan, Kessra, Raewyn, Krispijn, Axel, Sebastian, Marc and René.

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