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Invoicing The Green Web Foundation

If you are delivering some kind of goods or services to The Green Web Foundation, and expect payment from us, the following instructions have been written to clarify how this works.

Do you have questions after reading these instructions? Feel free to ask your contact person at The Green Web Foundation for additional guidance, or use our support form if you are unsure who to ask.

Billing address

Our billing address is:

Stichting The Green Web Foundation

Nobelstraat 1D

2513 BC The Hague

The Netherlands

Even if you deliver goods or services to the office of The Green Web Foundation in Berlin, your invoice should be directed to the registered address of the Foundation in the Netherlands.

Invoices should be sent by e-mail to [email protected] with your contact person in cc.

Preferably, your invoice is in PDF format. If you use invoice links, please make sure that we can download the invoice as this helps us with the required record keeping for our accounts..

Invoice items

Always include the following items in your invoice:

  • your unique invoice number;
  • your full name;
  • your company name and registered address (if applicable);
  • invoice date;
  • period/date of delivery of the goods or services, e.g. dates the work was actually carried out;
  • description of what you are invoicing for, please be as specific as possible. If you worked on a project, please mention the project name in your invoice. If you are unsure of what to include please check with us;
  • agreed fee per unit (hourly rate, day rate, or unit rate) and number of units delivered;
  • amount of VAT, if applicable (more information further down the page);
  • total amount of the invoice, with currency used (preferably Euros, see below);
  • agreed payment terms, e.g. payment within 30 days;
  • your payment details so that we can actually make the payment.

In case of international transfers (i.e. payments outside of the Netherlands), please read on for more information on what kind of details we need from you.


By default, the Green Web Foundation only accepts invoices in Euros. However, you may invoice us in another currency, which passes the responsibility for managing currency fluctuations to us, if you specifically agree this with your contact person at The Green Web Foundation in advance of raising such an invoice.

International transfers

At the Green Web Foundation, we are used to making international payments. For this to go smoothly, we need different bank account details from you, depending on the country that you are billing from.

Europe, Australia, New Zealand

In most European countries, Australia and New Zealand (the so-called SEPA countries), your IBAN or International Bank Account Number is sufficient for us to make the payment to you.

Other countries

If you are billing from countries outside the European SEPA system, e.g. from the USA, Asian or African countries, please include the following payment details in your invoice:

  • your bank’s SWIFT code (for USA/Canada) or BIC code (elsewhere): these codes identify your specific bank. If you are unsure, please ask (or Google for) your bank to find this code
  • your bank account number
  • your bank (branch)’s name and address

Please bear in mind that international payments can take from several hours to several days to take effect.

Charging or reverse-charging VAT

If you are VAT registered for the service(s) or goods that you are delivering to The Green Web Foundation, please ensure you add VAT to your invoice as appropriate.

As a rule of thumb, if you are invoicing from a company, then you should probably consider VAT. More on this below.

For those registered as self-employed it is unlikely you will add VAT on to your invoice. But it is your responsibility to check this.

It is your responsibility to make sure you follow your country’s regulations when you are invoicing us, and ensure that the VAT arrangement is clear on the invoice.

The Netherlands

If you are based in the Netherlands, the situation is straightforward: when you or your company has a VAT registration number (BTW-nummer), you just invoice us with the right amount of VAT (usually 21%) added in addition to your fee.

Outside the Netherlands: reverse-charging VAT

When you are liable to add VAT and invoicing us from another country than the Netherlands, e.g. from Germany, please do as follows:

  • mention “VAT reverse-charged” on your invoice (in these exact words)
  • include The Green Web Foundation’s VAT number: NL850336788B01
  • don’t charge any VAT

Invoicing us in this way will make sure that the Foundation doesn’t have to pay for VAT without being able to reclaim it afterwards (or not without a lot of administrative hassle).

For more information on reverse-charging VAT, read this relevant guidance from the Dutch tax agency.


If your work for The Green Web Foundation involves costs related to traveling, accommodation, (software) tools or other side expenses, and it was agreed beforehand that these costs could be reclaimed, then you are welcome to invoice us for these expenses.

We prefer you to raise separate invoices for expenses, and not to include expenses within invoices for work you are delivering.

When invoicing us for expenses, please follow the instructions above, and on top of that, don’t forget to:

  • give a sufficiently detailed description of your expenses and their purpose (e.g. specific project workshop)
  • include original (digitalized) receipts, bills or (train) tickets connected to these expenses

If you find it convenient, you are welcome to use this expense reimbursement form template (Excel spreadsheet, Euros only):