The Green Web Feed – Api Service

The Green Web Feed

The Green Web Foundation wants to make The Green Hosting Directory open & easily accessible for everyone. The Foundation’s own Green Web Apps are one way to share The Green Web Feed with the world, but other projects are welcome to integrate it into their tools as well. A few examples are presented here on how others already use The Green Web Feed. And we explain how it works.


US-based provides quality, objective information on the environmentally friendly web hosting industry. EcoHostReviews has integrated The Green Web Feed into its rankings.


The website efficiency checker is operating a free tool that can be used to determine the energy-efficiency of a certain website. Ecograder integrated The Green Web Feed in order to recognize green hosting.

Hosting comparison site

The Dutch hosting comparison site uses The Green Web Feed to show the green and grey smileys next to the hosting packages on sale. This way, shoppers can see directly whether the website space they intend to buy from a certain supplier will result in green hosting for their site or not.

Integrating The Green Web Feed in your own tool is easy & fun!

You can integrate The Green Web Feed-API into your tool or website within minutes, and here is how to.

There are basically two ways, depending on whether you just want to show the smiley or want to show the name and/or website of the hosting company.

The greencheck api service can be used by calling the /greencheck/{url} script like this:{url}

The greencheck api service expects only one parameter : “url”.

This should be the url of a website without the “http://” part, so for instance:

The result contains the following fields:

  • If the url was not valid, then only an error field is returned
  • For a correct url, both the url and the green field are returned. Green is either true or false. For websites that are hosted on a known hosting provider we return a “hostedby” and “hostedbywebsite” with either the Name and website of the hosting provider.

Looking up “” with the greencheck api

returns the following result

If you just want to integrate the smiley, you can show the green smiley when the result is true, and the grey smiley if false.

Good luck, and please contact Support if you have any questions or comments, or if you need help with integrating The Green Web Feed-API into your tool or website. wordt groen gehost door LeaseWeb