Using the Green Web Feed

We’ve been collecting data about how the web is powered since 2006 at the Green Web Foundation, and now have the largest dataset in the world of which sites use renewable power.

You can access this data in a number of ways.

Using this site, with the Green Web Check

You can check how any website on the internet is powered with the Green Web Check feature. Enter the url for the website, and you’ll get back the green status of the site, along with the evidence we based the decision on.

Try the Green Web Check

Using the API

If you want to automate checks like this, we also make this available using the Green Web API. You can test it in a browser, and building integrations is simple. If you need to host it yourself, the code for the API and the platform is open sourced under the Apache 2 license:

Try the Green Web API, and see documentation on how to use it at

Using the browser extensions

If you use Firefox or Chrome, you can download the Green Web Browser extensions, which can show you the green status of every site you visit, and every link on a page.

Install the Chrome Extension | Install the Firefox Browser Add-on

Downloading Green Web Data Direct

We want others to be able to use the Green Web data, to build new tools or services, carry out analysis, or do things we hadn’t thought of.

To support this, we make the bulk datasets available for free as open data under the Open Database Licence.

Find more about the Green Web datasets available

Getting Support

Got an idea for an app, or service? If you need help with integrating The Green Web Feed-API into your tool or website, get in touch via email if you have any questions or comments, or drop us a line on twitter, at @greenwebfound. If you prefer chat, come say hi in our zulip chat room.

Some of the third parties using the Green Web tools


The website efficiency checker is operating a free tool that can be used to determine the energy-efficiency of a certain website. Ecograder integrated The Green Web Feed in order to recognize green hosting.

The free service is dedicated to show how much carbon is produced for a website-address users can put in. Apart from showing the results in grams per carbon per page, it shows how a site’s sustainability relates to that of other checked websites. The status of the green or gray hosting is taken from The Green Web API.