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DjangoCon 2024 – Greening Digital With Django

Djangocon EU 2024 - Greening Digital with Django

This is the companion page for Green Web Foundation presentations and activities at DjangoCon EU 2024

The talk given on Wednesday 5th June


In this talk, we cover:

  1. How carbon emissions result from our use digital services, and why people are paying more attention as a new laws on climate disclosure are passed around the world.
  2. How they are measured and estimated, and common tools used to do so, especially for pythonistas
  3. Why Django is well placed to be one of the greenest frameworks out there, with lessons learned from a leading django project.

You can see the presentation online, as via google slides – it has copious links in the presenter notes.

See the conference talk page for more details.

The follow on workshop on Friday 7th June


In this session attendees learn the basics of how carbon emissions from digital services are currently measured, what tooling exists to automate this measurement, and how this can be integrated into continuous integration pipelines using open source tooling.

We run through a worked example of a set up for a real-world open source Django project.

The companion deck for the 50 minute workshop is visible (with lots of extra bonus content for after the session)

See the companion deck for this workshop

Kickoff survey: what is the one thing you would like to learn in this session?


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Where next

If you found this interesting, you might like to try out the tools we offer, donate to fund the kind of work presented. If you want a private version of this workshop available on a commercial basis, you might be interested in seeing how we can work together – if so, drop us a line.