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Digital sustainability responses

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More and more people working with digital tech want do something meaningful to help tackle the ever deepening climate and nature crises. But it can feel a bit daunting. Wondering where you can fit your work into the wider collective response to the climate crisis. And even if we know that every job can be a climate job, it’s useful to have a model to help guide your actions.

We’ve put together a simple model of three levers available if you’re seeking to embed appropriate climate responses in your work.

This model is part of a bigger framework we’re calling climate response.

We think it’s helpful to think in terms of “responses” rather than actions.

For us, an action can give the impression of something short-term. You take it and you’re done. Then you probably move on to the next thing. The difficulty we have with this way of framing things is that we need more than short-term thinking and doing. We need sustained changes and we need to shift mindsets.

Therefore we’ve settled on “responses” instead. Responses suggest that we’re thinking more deeply about what we’re doing and why. It also suggests a “physical reaction to a specific stimulus or situation”. We might react in different ways to the tragedy we see unravelling before our eyes. That’s actually no bad thing. The way we tackle the climate crisis will require a diverse range of approaches, there is no one size fits all. Everyone is different, and every change we choose to make is contextual.

We invite you to join in as you discover your own set of appropriate climate responses.

The three levers: consumption, intensity and direction.

The three levers are explained in a high level post we’ve written called: Three levers for change as a technologist: Consumption, Intensity, and Direction.

Alongside this post, we also have a pdf slide deck packed full of resources, case studies and inspiration to help you understand these levers at a more practical and tangible level.

Digital sustainability responses resource pack V2 front cover

This button will take you to our Google Drive where you can freely access and download our pdf slide deck.

Interested in learning more about digital sustainability?

We offer training and consultancy for teams and individuals who want to:

  • discover what digital sustainability means;
  • explore the concepts of climate responses more deeply;
  • join facilitated sessions to map out appropriate responses;
  • get help with implementing their own responses in tech.