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Become an advisor to the green web foundation

The Green Web Foundation relies on an advisory board for guidance, access to specific domain expertise and outside perspective in achieving our goals.

How it works

No more than 6 advisors at any one time

You’re part of a small group, and mainly in touch with the management team.

Meet 3 times a year

Pandemic allowing, we meet three times a year. We use this time to review what’s happened since the last meeting, discuss, strategy going forwards, followed by a dinner or similar social gathering.

Fixed term of 2 years

We expect you to be prepared to commit to being available as an advisor for a two year period. You act partly as the institutional memory of the organisation, and we rely on you for providing a degree of continuity, and context for staff and volunteers. This isn’t a hard requirement, and we expect that over the first few years some advisors may rotate out earlier to avoid everyone leaving at the same time.

A fixed stipend for serving on the board

We appreciate your time has value. We provide a modest stipend for helping us, and where geography allows, a few nice meals together – 1000 EUR per year.

Half the board changes each year

Each year, we expect to rotate around half the membership, so all the institutional knowledge doesn’t walk out the door at the same time. We would expect your help in selecting incoming advisors, to help fill gaps in knowledge and capability as other advisors leave.

Expressing interest

If you’d like to express interest, please fill out our advisor interest form.