Continued support from Leaseweb

4th December 2018

Due to the serious numbers of daily checks against the Green Web database, the server was running out of disk space. After talking to several partners, we are now happy to announce that Leaseweb again proved to be a dedicated partner to the greening of the web, by adding of 1 TB SSD RAM to our server at no additional cost. This not only solved the immediate need for more disk space, but has sped up the user-experience of the site and API’s as well.

So we want to express a heartfelt thanks to Leaseweb because of this, and hope we can continue the partnership in the years to come!

Germany has the most green hosted domains within the top 1m sites

12th November 2015

The Green Web Foundation in Sweden has compiled a top 10 of countries that harbor the most green sites within the Alexa top one million: sites that are running on green energy.

Of the 185 countries that have at least one site within the top million, only 41 countries have green hosted domains, so there is clearly still a long way to go before the Internet is completely green hosted! The aim of The Green Web Foundation is to monitor and promote this development, till the day that it is no longer needed.

Of these 41 countries, the top five covers already nearly 97% of all green domains, and the top 10 over 99%:

rank country # green hosted domains percentage
1 Germany 43555 43,6%
2 United States 33232 33,3%
3 Netherlands 10856 10,9%
4 United Kingdom 6432 6,4%
5 Canada 2751 2,8%
6 Denmark 1038 1,0%
7 France 534 0,5%
8 Australia 529 0,5%
9 Sweden 529 0,5%
10 Belgium 470 0,5%


The same data, but visualized in a graph:

top 10 green hosting countries

So Germany is the big winner here, even more so when considering the fact that the United States has around 7 times as much domains in the top million as compared to Germany.

When looking at the total number of sites that came green out of The Green Web API, it shows that around 10,4% of all popular sites are green hosted now, a development we will monitor closely in the future.

If you know of any hosters that are not yet in The Green Web Directory, please let us know so we can add them – especially in countries where we have not identified green hosters yet (see map)!This way we can fulfill our promise to The Green Web App-users, and show directly in your browser, for any site you visit, if it is green – or not yet!

Thanks for your support,

The Green Web Foundation, Sweden.

.Koeln is the greenest city domain!

24th September 2015

Last year saw the introduction of many new Top Level Domains (TLD’s). A special class are the city TLD’s, like ‘.amsterdam’, ‘.rio’ or ‘.tokyo’. It makes sense for cities, companies and non-profits to use these domains, for instance travel.taipei is short and to the point. So the registrations go well, NYC is on top with close to 85.000 registered domains. But is it for many buyers just another referrer, bought to prevent others from using it, or are they actively marketed and used? And, important from out point of view, do these sites run on green energy? Read about this and more below.

There are currently 211 domains in this category within the Alexa top million. The distribution and popularity is very uneven, take a look at the following toplist:

ranking city TLD # sites in top
1 Tokyo 76
2 Taipei 20
3 NYC 19
4 London 18
5 Moscow 18
6 Berlin 11
7 Paris 10
8 Amsterdam 6
9 Nagoya 5
10 Hamburg 5
11 Yokohama 4
12 Melbourne 3
13 Vegas 3
14 Wien 3
15 Koeln 3
16 Brussels 2
17 Joburg 1
18 Rio 1
19 Osaka 1
20 Sydney 1
21 Capetown 1


So although NYC has around 2,5 times more registrations, the .tokyo brand is clearly much more actively used in practice.

If we look at the number of city TLD sites in use per continent, Asia is a clear winner:

position continent number percentage
1 Asia 106 50,2%
2 Europe 76 36,0%
3 USA 22 10,4%
4 Australia 4 1,9%
5 Africa 2 0,9%
6 South America 1 0,5%


When we greencheck these domains (click here for free API access)  to find out if they are green hosted, we get a different picture: only seven out of the 21 city TLD’s have sites that run on green energy. If we factor in how many times a site is visited, we get the following weighed ranking:

position City TLD percentage green
1 Koeln 75%
2 Wien 74%
3 London 72%
4 Amsterdam 59%
5 Berlin 45%
6 Hamburg 33%
7 NYC 4%


So for every time a .koeln-site is visited, in 3 out of 4 times the page was served by a green hoster. The .wien TLD is doing equally well, with .london on a respectable third place.

When we distribute this outcome again against continent, green hosting in this domain is clearly a European affair, with only .NYC having a tiny percentage of green hosted sites. But where is Asia in this list, no green hosting at all?

So where Asia is clearly outperforming Europe and the USA in the actual use of city TLD sites, when it comes to green hosting, Europe is – for now at least – doing quite well.

Note: do you know of any green hosters in Asia? Please drop us a line!

The Green Web Foundation, Sweden.

Disclaimer: the Alexa top million changes rapidly all the time. This dataset was compiled early September 2015, and does not necessarily reflect the current status and ranking of these sites.









Why every greencheck counts

6th August 2015

As you know, we have compiled a list of hosting companies that run on renewable energy. Others do not have that option, but make sure their operations are at least carbon neutral. Most hosting companies however, simply do not care much about the environmental impact of their activities, and they think that you will never find out anyway.