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Register your site or service in the Green Web Database

To have your website or services recognised as green, please submit the information in the form below.

Your submission will be reviewed by our staff, and if we have all the evidence we need, we’ll notify you to let you know that checks against your site or services show as green.

If we couldn’t find the evidence we need, we’ll reply letting you know what else is required.

1Who is filling this in?
2Which provider is this?
3How is the energy used green?
4Where are the servers?
5Final step
We'll use this in any correspondence we have with you.
This address is not collected by us for any other purpose than to be able to contact you directly about your registration.
We ask this so we know whether you are speaking on behalf of the organisation or not. It's still ok to submit info if you don't work for them, but we need to know, so we don't misrepresent information.