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You might have needs that are more strategic in nature, and less operational training or auditing.

Research and strategy around digital and climate

You might need help drafting internal policy, and thinking through a longer term strategy for greening the digital supply chain across your organisation, and how you incorporate this into how you procure digital services in future.

Alternatively you might want some help thinking through how to reduce reliance on a single supplier that represents a reputational or climate risk over time, or you might need some help carrying out due diligence on an existing or new supplier, or simply some regular proactive alerts related to your current suppliers, to avoid surprises.

For these, we offer a retainer – so you have someone to call on for advice.

What you get

This typically takes the form of a set number of hours, which is usually spent on the following:

  • regular check-in call each month, of around 45 minutes
  • proactive notification about developments related to the services you have described with us
  • depending on the time needed, the occasional remote or in person workshop to help think through a thorny issue

In addition, assuming you are running on green infrastructure, you are also listed as a gold partner in the directory.

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