What is The Green Web app?

The Green Web app puts a few extra functions in your browser:

  1. a green site ‘checker': a or smiley show if the site you visit, runs on a green or gray host, and a on-mouse-over message tells you who the green web host is.
  2. a search-results labeler: the or smileys appears in front of search-results as well, on Google, Bing & Yahoo
  3. a link-on-every-page labeler: a thin, dashed green line is placed on links to other green sites

You can install the app for here!

What do the different icons in The Green Web App mean?

This site is hosted green

This site is hosted green in a Green Fan datacentre

We’re looking up the information or we don’t know the greenness

This site is hosted gray.

How does The Green Web app work?

The app contacts the TGWF database to see if the hosting organization is green or gray, and displays the appropriate or icon. If the hosting company is green, their name is also displayed in a separate ribbon. This helps to raise awareness of the growing importance of renewable energy in running the Internet worldwide.

How many people are using the Green Web app?

Well it might surprise you, but we do not know exactly because of the privacy settings. A few thousand is our best guess. We know how many sites and links are checked – click here if you are interested in our stats.

What part of the Internet does the Green Web app work on?

In principle, the Green Web app works on the whole Internet, but the database is not complete for every country. If you know of companies that we should add to the system, please tell us about them.

For which browsers does the app work?

The Green Web app is available here for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera.

Is it safe to use The Green Web app?

Yes, it is. The app just checks the sites you visit on greenness against a cached system, without registering who is doing what. The Green Web Foundation will not see any passwords, logins, accounts etc. We do not know (or want to know) your Facebook or Twitter-account, since The Green Web app just checks the domain, not the pages that are visited.

Want to help?

We are opensourcing our apps on Github.

Questions or remarks?

We are looking forward to hear from you!

You can install the app by clicking on the download-button top right of this page!

The Green Web Foundation Team

thegreenwebfoundation.org is green hosted Cleanbits