Install The Green Web Add-on and see who makes the difference

Since 2007 Cleanbits offers the option to check urls on our site, and see if they’re hosted grey or green. But sometimes it is just too much of a hassle to go the Cleanbits-site for every check you want to make, so we’ve been thinking about an easier way to satisfy our continuous curiosity in which companies and sites take the idea of sustainability all the way – and who still think that the idea of a green web is something that just will blow away someday.


So we’ve created addons for the 5 major browsers that we’ve baptised ‘The Green Web’.


The idea is that you’re just doing what you’re doing on the web, and in a small status bar at the bottom (or top depending on the browser) of your browser we’re checking the sites on sustainability. When searching with Google Search, Bing or Yahoo you see a small icon showing if a site is green.


Install The Green Web Add-on and help us build The Green Web!


Visit the following pages for more information and installation instructions for the specific browser:

What do the different icons in the add-on mean?

 This site is hosted green

 This site is hosted green in a Green Fan datacenter

We’re looking up the information or we don’t know the greenness

This site is hosted grey


Want to help? We are opensourcing our addons on github :


Any questions or remarks? Let us know!


The Green Web Foundation – René and Arend-Jan.